Pastel works by Canadian Artist
Joseph Plaskett
From the Collection of the Osoyoos Museum

Joe Plaskett (1918 - 2014)

Joseph Plaskett was born in 1918 in New Westminster. He became a teacher, then turned to painting at the Banff School of Art where he studied with members of the Group of Seven.

Nominated by Lawren Harris, Plaskett won the first Emily Carr Scholarship in 1946 which enabled him to study at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Later in 1946, he became the Director of the Winnipeg School of Art where he taught for two years. In 1949 he visited London, then Paris, and after 1957, he made Paris his home for a quarter century. Since 2001 he has lived in Suffolk England.

Despite living abroad for over sixty years, he is staunchly Canadian. In 2004 he formed the Joseph Plaskett Foundation to help aspiring artists just as he was.

His works are in art gallery collections from Prince Edward Island to Vancouver Island, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Beaverbrook Gallery and the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.