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Influential Women of the South Okanagan



Susan Allison

Jeannette Armstrong

Brenda Baptiste

Helen Church

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Mourning Dove

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Katie Lacey

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Ruth Schiller

Marguerite Scott

Alison Smith

Rosemarie Stodola



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Poetry by Marguerite Scott 

Grade One

How small the feet that tread these aisles.

How trusting the hands and warm the smiles.

How great the task when from the start.

I must gain the trust of each little heart.

When at last, the school year is done.

They will move on -- and I'll say goodbye,

To another Grade one.

-Osoyoos, 1950


Thoughts on a Weary Friday Afternoon

A noble occupation mine

Simple, profitable, and divine.

Many years of life well spent

My time borrowed or, was it lent?

Teaching children sweet or sour

Seemed the gift within my power.

Oh Lord, if heaven at last I reach

For gosh sakes, please don't let me teach!



Of what do you dream - oh little Boy Blue,

As you sit, so still and so small?

Your eyes are fixed on the far away clouds,

You aren't in this classroom at all.

Are you sailing a ship far out at sea

Or flying a plane in the sky?

Perhaps you are lying in fields of green,

And watching the clouds roll by.

Maybe you are living in storybook land

And doing what story folks do.

Wherever you are, I must bring you back

To paper, and scissors and glue.

And though you probably never would guess,

I'd like to go dreaming too.

-Grand Forks, 1946